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Timberline's "Short Fields"
Timberline  understands the need to have a safe, clean, and close place to play Paintball.  That's why we're actively working on constructing a paintball field in the Bryant/Bauxite area based around "Short Fields"  Short fields incorporate the advantages of Speedball size fields, but with a tactical/Mil-Sim theme.  Our short fields will be designed to be combined to create larger fields for bigger event, yet still stand alone for smaller groups.

Keeping the Sport Affordable

Cost is always part of any discussion when it comes to paintball.  We understand that this can keep many would be players from coming out and experiencing the sport for the first time.  Timberline addresses this by striving to keep the player's cost down and offer affordable options that other fields just won't do.  Our field fee is $15.00 for the whole day!  Need rental equipment?  Get basic rental and field fee for $25.00 for the day.  Buy an All-Day Air Pass for $10.00 more and it's still less then the other guys.  We will continue to look for ways to keep our customer's costs down while bringing new content and styles of play to the Bryant area!
Small businesses like ours, need your support!  Your dollars help promote Paintball locally and ensures you have a place to get equipment and play!  

Follow "Small Business Saturday" on FaceBook and see all the other great businesses in your area.
The Basics:
Field Fee:  $15.00 (Paintball)
             $20.00 (Airsoft)

Rental:  $10.00 (Paintball)
         $15.00 (Airsoft)

        Air Fills:  CO2    -    $5.00
       HPA    -    $5.00

    Paint:  500rds   $17.50 (Starting)
                Case    $60.00 (Starting)