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Using Groupons....
​It is important to understand exactly how these coupons work.  You, the customer, purchase the coupon from their website/provider.  This coupon covers your field fee and rental equipment.  You are then responsible to print and bring the coupons to the field the day you play.  In addition to the cost of the coupon, you are then required to purchase paint and air for EACH participate which is $20.00 each.  

Four person Example:

        With Groupon                                    Without Groupon

    Groupon:        $  19.00                        Player Pack:    $32.50
    Paint & Air:     $  20.00                        Player Pack:    $32.50
    Paint & Air:     $  20.00                        Player Pack:    $32.50
    Paint & Air:     $  20.00                        Player Pack:    $32.50
    Paint & Air:     $  20.00                        Tax:                 $  9.75
    Tax:                $    7.43                        Total:             $139.75
    Total:              $106.43

24 Person Example:

    12 Person Groupon:          $  55.00        24 X Player Pack (32.50@)  $780.00
    12 Person Groupon:          $  55.00        Tax:                                       $  58.50
    24 X Paint & Air ($20@)    $480.00        Total:                                     $838.50
    Tax:                                    $  44.25
    Total:                                  $634.25        OR

                                                                    Party Booking  (Includes 1 case of paint)
                                                                    24 Players @ $22.00           $528.00
                                                                    Tax:                                      $  39.60
                                                                    Total:                                    $567.60

Groupons are good for "Open Play" only, which means you might be playing with people you don't know!  This is the primary difference between booking a party with us and using any coupon.

The use of a party room is an additional cost of $50.00 for a two hour slot.

There is certainly a savings to be had for using a Groupon, but you need to understand how they work and what you will be expected to pay when you arrive.  If you have purchased a Groupon and do not want to use it after you've read this, Groupon will refund the purchase price of the Groupon, simply follow the instructions on the face of the groupon.