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About Timberline Adventure Park!
Timberline was founded by hard-core woodsball players that understand that it takes more then the fastest marker to make a good player!   We match our customer to equipment that suits their playing style and level, never up-selling just to make a profit.

Timberline Paintball, LLC is family-owned and operated in Saline County, AR. We treat every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch. 
Head Referee

Alex plays rec woodsball and 3-man speedball, shooting a WGP Oracle Autococker, a AGD Automag RT-Pro ULE, and Smart Parts Epiphany
Head Referee

Zack plays rec woodsball and various team speedball.  Zack shoots a Limited Edition Spyder Rodeo, an Automag RT, CCI Phantom, Smart Parts Shocker, and a customized 68 Carbine.
Committed to helping our customers have the best Paintball and Airsoft experience!

Alex plays rec woodsball shooting a customized 98 Custom


Jennifer plays rec woodsball and various team speedball.  Jennifer shoots a Limited Edition Spyder, and Proto Rail.