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3200 South Reynolds Rd. 
Bauxite, AR 72011
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Timberline Adventure Park
Paintball and so much more...
"My daughter said the most awesome birthday party ever, thanks"

+Wait Time, +Environment, +Customer Service, +Selection, +Quality

"We were allowed to play beyond hours of operation. This is the second time, and we will be back. This is great fun for my son's and I. Thank you for accommodating our needs.."

+Wait Time, +Environment, +Customer Service, +Other, +Quality
"Our boys had a BLAST! My son said this was the BEST Birthday he ever had!!!"

+Quality, +Wait Time, +Selection, +Customer +Service, +Environment
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From the Coach's Line
A Blog from a Player and Business Owner...
Online Consignment Store!

Check out our new online consignment store, it's a great place to pick up some used equipment at some really great prices!  Looking to sell your gear but leary of meeting strangers in parking lots or having them come to your home?  Sell your gear at Timberline!  We've got an awesome program that tracks your items online, you can login and see if it's sold 24/7!  

All of our consignment items are listed in realtime right here on our website so you can see everything we have to offer!

Timberline can even help you get your gear sold quicker by cleaning and repairing your items! Come in and talk to one of our staff members to get all the details!
Timberline will be closing down April 17th for the summer season. We are relocating to a new facility and will be using the summer months to move our operation, set up new fields, and be ready for the fall. We’ve chosen this time as it’s historically our least busiest time of the year. You’ll notice that we’ve blacked out bookings and party reservations during this time, please keep checking back, as we draw closer to our re-opening and dates will start to become available for bookings. While our new location will not have an indoor facility/warehouse in the beginning, however; it will be more conducive to speedball fields as well as woodland to continue our great mil-sim and woodball offerings! No more rock and gravel speedball fields! Of course, you’ll still get our outstanding customer service, and friendly staff! If you have any questions, drop us an email, or stop by our current location and we’ll be happy to help!
Be sure to come out on the 15th of April for our last big game, and we’ll be out at Lewis Stadium for Relay For Life and Carter’s Off Road Park for their Mud Days in May!